Chie and Rei Ito

Quiet Friends / 安静的朋友

440 kr

The Japanese artist couples Chie and Rei Ito create tranquil tales with recycled and homemade paper. They don’t advocate any particular moral or lesson through their otherwise quite simply formulated stories. According to them, complex, multifaceted and engaging stories can appear to be rather simple. Kinakaal forlag selected three such stories: Quiet Friends, Poppy, the Lost Foal, and Yar’s Little Big Adventure and presented them as picture books wrapped in Furoshiki wrapping. All stories are published in four languages in the books: Japanese (original), English, Norwegian, and Chinese.




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Om utgiveren:

Kinakaal forlag er et flerspråklig publiseringsprosjekt. Det er igangsatt av Northing, som tilrettelegger for kulturutveksling mellom Norge og Kina. Forlaget har blant annet gitt ut poesi, tegneserier og en fotobok.

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