Hussein Chalayan


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Hussein Chalayan was born in Nicosia, Cyprus and graduated in 1993 from London’s Central St Martins School of Art and Design. His degree collection was bought by British iconic boutique Browns, launching him as a significant new fashion force. In 1994 Hussein Chalayan started his own label. The Chalayan collections are known for innovative design, beautiful tailoring and draping and an elegant minimalist aesthetic. The ready-to-wear collection is regularly featured in top fashion magazines and international press as well as carried in the world’s best boutiques and is favoured by actresses, musicians, artists and tastemakers on and off the stage and red carpet. In his art and fashion work Chalayan uses film, installations and sculptural forms to explore perception and the realities of modern life, with particular interest in cultural identity, migration, anthropology, technology, nature and genetics.

For Chalayan, “island” is not only his homeland but also a place of imagination and a drifting organism. The “Journey of Archipelago” in this book is guided by Gong Yan, curator of the exhibition “Hussein Chalayan: Archipelago”, Professor Zhang Nian, scholar of philosophy, Hung Huang, media figure in culture and fashion, Bao Mingxin, educator of Fashion Design and Roan Ching-yueh, curator in architecture and writer, diving into Chalayan’s memories, experiences, design works and spiritual world and making a conversation with this unorthodox and risk-taking adventurer. This hard-cover book incorporates Chalayan’s fashion collections, video works and paintings from 1994 to 2020, which manifest the possible collisions between history and traditions with new technologies, trend of thoughts and social formations. Chalayan once stated that he wanted “to create a sense of life for the clothes.”, which is also a symbol of this era characterized with dynamics, relentless migrations and adaptations of identities.


Hussein Chalayan

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