Linn Pedersen


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Linn Pedersen is a Norwegian photographer based in Sortland in the northern part of Norway. In her work she combines documentary and the poetic in her depiction of out-of-style consumer goods, landscapes, constructions and the human figure. The works contains an expressive and introvert quality. Atmospherically conditions, materiality of an object and emotional projections are crucial in her work. Pedersen works with analog photography, cyanotype and sculptural installation.

In the past years, Pedersen’s work has developed around her concept ‘sedimentality’ – a clever coupling of the words sediment and sentimentality. In several exhibitions and a publication, series of black and white photography of scenes from Pedersen’s surroundings (landscapes, bodies, buildings) are paired with images of cracked and broken clay, sprayed with neon colours or metallic paints.

Design by Ole Martin Lund Bø/ Essay by Sigurd Tenningen/
172 pages/ 500 copies/ Printed at Rücksaldrück, Berlin/
Lord Jim Publishing/ 2015

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Om utgiveren:

Lord Jim Publishing er et uavhengig forlag som gir ut ulike kunstnerbøker. Nyere titler inkluderer «Game of Life III: Feltkommentar» og SPAREBLUSS-serien, i tillegg til publikasjoner av Andreas Vermehren Holm, Sveinung Unneland, Linn Pedersen, André Tehrani, Ole Martin Lund Bø, Lutz-Rainer Müller, Stian Ådlandsvik, Jan Freuchen med flere.

Lord Jim Publishing.

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