Øystein Dypedal

Tiny Bergen – small stories from the most beautiful city in the world (eng)

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Tiny Bergen – A book with miniature street art from Bergen. Photographer Øystein Dypedal has created small everyday stories on the streets of Bergen – so small that passersby hardly notice. Tiny Bergen is a streets art project where Dypedal glues small miniature figurines to the streets of Bergen, takes pictures of the installations and then, leaves them there. In that way, others can have the pleasure of stumbling across them. The pictures in this book introduce you to this small world, where you get to know Bergen in a new way. What you thought was an abandoned cup of coffee might turn out to be a tempting beach, and inside an old shoe, a magical story is hiding. This street art is a tribute to Bergen, with an invitation to stop and enjoy the small moments in life.


Øystein Dypedal

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