Side Magazine: The Bonimenteur

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The third issue of Side Magazine sketches a portrait of the Bonimenteur. Coming from the French word bonir (to tell stores in a nice way), their speech is often exaggerated, and aims to please, convince, and seduce—illusionary tricks often achieving a means to an end.

Seven contributors explore the soul of this talkative figure: Aurélien Gamboni analyses Hieronymus Bosch’s painting The Conjurer (1502).
Polly Wiesner discusses storytelling at night among the Ju/’hoansi (!Kung Bushmen). A reprint of Maron Baruch’s NAME DIFFUSION links commodity with cultural production; Helmut Draxler looks at the relation between art and its display. Deborah Bowmann harnesses neoliberalism’s individuation. Jean Breschand puts Pier Paolo Pasolini’s masterpieces in the frame. And finally, Jacqueline Barus-Michel explores belief and our desire for meaning.


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Om utgiveren:

Side Magazine accompanies the fourth Bergen Assembly, a contemporary art triennial in Bergen, Norway, which opens in 2022. Under the editorship of curator Yasmine d’O, Side Magazine combines artistic, literary and scientific writing, with seven issues being released prior to the exhibition. The publication serves as a discursive space for the triennial, which is conceived by artist Saâdane Afif.

Each respective issue of Side Magazine is dedicated to one character, with a special eighth issue published after the triennial’s opening, including installation photography.

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