Nora Adwan and Athanasia Panagea: Shadows Assembled a photographic collaboration

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Since 2008, Nora Adwan and Athanasia Panagea have been studying newly formed countries around the Balkans. Through the lenses of their cameras they have been extensively documenting the lives of the people, the countryside, cities, monuments and daily activities.
Adwan and Panagea met in Belgrade in 2008 and for the following ten years visited Serbia, Croatia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Bosnia Herzegovina and Greece. By getting in touch with individuals and local institutions they have exhibited their work and created a network of locals which continues to grow.
This book marks the end of a 10-year study, nevertheless, as changes are still and will probably always be taking place in the area, it gives us through photography, a timeless visual reference of what a change of identity might look like and reminds us how the memory of the old one never fades away.

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