Martin Mentzoni

The Dogs Vol.3 «El Verdugo»

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The Dogs Vol.3 «El Verdugo» (2023)

The Dogs are back in town! This time 96% of the Comix by infamous Martin Mentzoni is done in ENGLISH!

The Dogs are in the studio recording their album «El Verdugo» and all that is missing is the lyrics by Kristopher Schau.

He stops by Tronsmo Book Shop in Oslo to buy some Mentzoni Comix from kaffi fanzine, falls asleep reading them when he goes to bed & an Adventure of Nightmares starts in FULL COLOR!

This issue of The Dogs is the First in Full Color print!

The album «El Verdugo» is illustrated from start to finish, so it is perfect to enjoy reading while listening to the album – as you can read the lyrics by Kristopher Schau together with the illustrations by Martin Mentzoni!

How will the Nightmare end?

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