Júlía Hermannsdóttir

cheat sheat

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«cheat sheet» by Júlía Hermannsdóttir candidly documents debilitating auto-immune illness with generosity, directness and dark humor. Júlía was just 22 years old and still in university when her body mysteriously started failing her. Her sudden diagnosis and multiple surgeries resulted in a forced move out of New York City and home to Iceland, along with a sober re-evaluation of almost every aspect of her life. How would she continue to produce creative work, much less survive in a capitalistic society that devalues and displaces disabled bodies?

Her “cheat sheet”, from which the artist book of the same name is adapted, is both a timeline and a (failed) resume, a litany of gore and the story of her young life; it is what she has prepared for the doctors and nurses who still cannot 100% confirm she has Chron’s disease. This book was produced as part of «(be)longing», a one year-long publication and exhibition program at House of Foundation in Moss.

120 x 180mm, 104 pages, perfect bound with laser cut cover, first edition of 200, 2023

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