Hunter Longe


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Coda Press’ cura­to­rial focus is centred around developing the work of artists working primarily with text as a central medium in their studio practice.

DreamOre is a collection of drawings, dream transcriptions and poems written during the full moon by Hunter Longe. The texts pass through the ups and downs of contemporary life in the face of extra-planetary forces and abysmal geologic time, speculating on distant pasts and hinting at a sentience that permeates all matter. Of his work the artist writes:

For me, drawing, poetry and dreaming can act as divinatory tools to navigate slippery times. They follow a kind of non-logic, a random function of quick non-sequitur that gets at the churning unpredictability and true weirdness of existence underlying the thin layer of pattern and structure to which we tend to attach so much importance. In poems and drawings, as in dreams, we hone back in on deep instincts and intuitions that have been sequestered by striving for the lie that is reason.


Hunter Longe

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Om utgiveren:

Coda Press sitt kuratoriske fokus er sentrert rundt å utvikle arbeidet til kunstnere som primært arbeider med tekst som sentralt medium i deres kunstneriske praksis. Coda er dedikert til å fremme kunstskriving som en katalysator for kritisk diskurs og kunnskapsproduksjon på lik linje med ens visuelle praksis.

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